Diana F.

“Pat is a wonderful person to work with. She is flexible and willing to work around your schedule. She is always available when I send her messages, and more than once we have toured potential homes less than a day from when I first saw the listing. She is also knowledgeable and able to provide sound advice. Since she has rehabbed several properties, she is able to tell you how easy or hard it would be to change this or update that if a home needs some work. She is also very concerned with getting value for her home buyers and details, the pluses and minuses of a particular home to help them make an educated decision. As I am a very selective buyer, I really appreciate her no pressure style and the fact that she is easy to talk to. I genuinely feel that she is interested in helping me find the right home. Her motto is that there is a home for every buyer, and I am sure that I will find the perfect home with her help.”