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Time to Take the Risk?!?!

mom with kidsAll too often I hear people complain about the cost of living going up, rent going up, food prices going up and taxes going up. I agree with them that living life shouldn’t be this hard. For those who know me, know that I’m a solution seeker and a fixer. My personality is to try to find a solution to a problem and help people fix an issue. This is a good personality trait, in my opinion, since helping people solve an issue and move forward in their life is a good thing.

The one thing that I find to be a challenge is that fact that in problem-solving usually a compromise needs to be made or something has to be let go. People don’t like change. Help.jpgHeck, I dislike change myself, but as we know the only constant thing in life IS change. So how do we make changes without it being so painful?

Knowing what you want to achieve, your goal, will this change help you make the move. Also, ask yourself will this change help you be better off than where you are now? These questions also apply when you’re thinking about buying a home. You need to know the top 4 to 5 things that your new home “must have” and your number item has to be your most important element. Everything in your home buying process must revolve around your number one “must have”.

If a particular school district is a “must have” make it number one on your list and stick with that. If you can’t find a home within your desired school district that has the other things you want within your price range then you have to make a compromise. Either you have to buy a home within your price range in that school district and compromise on the updates or look in another school district that has the type of home that you desire within your budget. Sometimes in the househunting process, you realize that another element may be more important which replaces your current top priority.

Parents Take A Break On Sofa With Son On Moving Day

So take that risk! Remember your loan approval is based on your debt to income, so they make sure you can afford the home. Plus if you have a fixed rate loan your mortgage payment shouldn’t change unless your property taxes change. At the end of the day, it’s nice to come home to your own place.

Written By: Shena Omotola, Dream Home Specialist & Broker Owner of Skyward Realty – Skyward Realty services Chicago, Suburbs, and Northwest Indiana

P.S. Feel free to email me any questions. I’m always here to help.

Shena Omotola


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